Genre: m/m; steampunk; erotic romance

Caleb’s past is about to catch up with him. Will Philip be its agent or an ally against it?

Caleb Brandt thought putting a continent and a decade between himself and his past would put an end to his troubles. For a while, it worked. But when newcomer Philip Heatherton-Ames arrives from back east, Caleb begins to doubt. Why has Philip come to the dying mining town of Gearheart? Is it really to bring the airway to the West, or is his job more insidious and personal? More important still, are the risk of discovery and the danger of betrayal worth indulging his attraction to Philip?

Philip Heatherton-Ames is good at his job, using his charm and savoir-faire to pave the way for his airway employers to expand into the West. He’s accustomed to dealing with opposition; there are always those resistant to progress. But Caleb Brandt is an intriguing challenge, a puzzle to be unraveled. What keeps him so solitary when his own actions prove his desire for human connection? And if the men do connect, what will happen when it’s time for Philip to return home?

Back east in Halifax, gears are turning: a bitter father seeks revenge; a private investigator questions his employer’s motives; and a savvy secretary dabbles in detective work.