The Fifth Door

Genre: LGBTQ+; cozy paranormal

What do you do when the one person you most want haunting you isn’t?

Whittaker has spent her life talking to ghosts—and having them talk back. In fact, her ghostly friend Samuel has been with her for as long as she can remember. So Whittaker has never understood why her mother’s spirit didn’t stick around when she died.

Being deserted by your dead mother isn’t the stuff of casual conversation, and a chance encounter with Frieda of Presence Unknown, Paranormal Investigators isn’t enough to make Whittaker ask for help. When the two cross paths a second time, even Whittaker can’t ignore the cosmic hint. At Samuel’s urging, she hires PUPI to help locate her mother’s ghost.

Frieda and Ben aren’t in the business of finding missing ghosts. They’re used to hunting and occasionally exorcising them. But Whittaker’s case intrigues them enough to sign on.

When a séance goes wrong and tarot cards start dealing themselves, the team at PUPI know they’re in for a wild ride. Hopefully, the only ghost they turn up is the one they’re looking for.

What readers are saying:

"Just finished The Fifth Door. What a great book!"