Midnight Jones

Genre: LGBTQ+; cozy paranormal

Coffee and witches and ghosts, oh my!

Being haunted at home is one thing. But when the ghost who steals spoons from Todd’s kitchen tries the same shenanigans at his coffee shop, it crosses the line. Todd won’t tolerate spirits messing with his business. Out of his depth, he turns to Ben and Frieda from Presence Unknown, Paranormal Investigators for help.

The increase in spectral activity as Halloween approaches means more work for ghost hunters. Ben appreciates the business, while Frieda revels in the supernatural chaos. The month starts to look more promising to both of them when their new client, Todd, offers the possibility of multiple hauntings—not to mention the perfect latte.

When Todd’s hauntings suddenly go from inconvenient to malevolent, stolen spoons take a backseat to finding out who has it in for him. If Ben and Frieda can’t identify and dispel the evil spirit, their newest client could become their next ghost.

What readers are saying:

"...sweet and fun and funny. Great for a blustery fall day."

"I loved it. Such a fun and spooky read, but also like a love letter to Seattle..."