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Old Ghosts
Coming Winter 2023

Sometimes the past can be deadly to the present.


When the ghost in Todd’s Beetle starts acting out of character, nearly getting him killed, his first instinct is anger. However, Frieda suspects the motive behind the ghost’s actions is protective rather than destructive, giving Todd’s vehicular near misses a new, sinister meaning. Someone—or something—is influencing drivers to deliberately endanger Todd. But who? and why?


While Todd faces threats to life and limb, Mona faces a more earthly challenge. The ex-girlfriend who abandoned her suddenly reappears, dredging up old feelings and unbalancing her comfortable, stable life. Mona’s determined to deal with the problem on her own, but old patterns are hard to resist and her dubious decisions jeopardize her present relationships.


When ambushes both spectral and physical up the ante, some old ghosts must be dealt with before anyone else is hurt—or killed.