Espresso Mojo

Genre: LGBTQ+; cozy paranormal

It’s tough getting the band back together when your lead singer is a ghost.

No one is surprised to learn Todd’s new coffee shop has a poltergeist. The debate is what’s to be done about it. Fortunately, Todd’s boyfriend, Ben, is a paranormal investigator, and Ben’s partner, Frieda, has a successful track record with removing unwanted ghosts when necessary.

Reluctant to employ the nuclear option, Frieda opts to hold a séance and cleansing ceremony. The ritual reveals the poltergeist is actually the ghost of a grunge musician who died just as her band, Viaduct, was about to hit it big. Frustrated and angry at having run out of time in life, she needs the Presence Unknown team’s help if she’s going to find peace.

Ghostly possessions throw a wrench in the coffee shop renovations. PUPI must find the magical key that will reunite the members of Viaduct–living and dead–before time runs out again.